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Important Elements of an Ideal Home

Welcome to your ideal home

A home which satisfies all your needs, as per your dream, and shares your life.

A perfect home is always a dream of every individual be a pawn wala to movie star and it varies from each one of them based on their financial strength and willpower to acheive it Are you planning to remodel or buy another house, please think of these elements before finalising it

  1. Height above the Natural Ground Level (NGL)

  2. foundation based on Soil Test

  3. Proper Structural planning

  4. possible Green material in the house

  5. High Roof Lounge with lights falling

  6. Spacious Garden and natural elements

  7. special couchy spaces

  8. better utlisation of roof area for private space

  9. spacious bathrooms

  10. open kitchens connecting the dining and lounges

  11. possible water bodies to create vibration

  12. passage of light and air in the house

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