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Our holistic approach to any work handed over to us by the client is to first 

understand the needs and wants of the customer requirements presented and 

explain the prospects of the work involved and customize to the clients expectations

and finalise the scope of work and then work towards to ensure that it happens

Wooden Hut
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understand the requirements

once you contact us we will help you in identifying your needs and intrest in your dream home and evolve and customise your home design as per your passion and intrest.Understanding your requirements along with the cost involved is very important stage


Pre-preparation of building work

we will support you in getting your necessary planning permits and approvals from the corporation or CMDA once we get the approval we will work towards getting your financial loan from the bank 


Project coordination and monitoring

once the statutory approval and loan is secured we will initiate the bhoomi pooja and starting of construction work you can monitor the progress of work by our regular project progress monitoring system and we will also involve your presence on every check points of home construction


finalising the scope of work

 we will finalise the cost involved for the completion of your home totally and we will give you the quote for your total requirements based on the inputs given by you and the material and workmanship envisaged for the project


Finalising the costand time of work

we will work together to arrive at the cost of the project as per your budget and needs and also work towards the total time of the work for completion


effective delivery and smooth handover

our site team will ensure that you enjoy hassle free coordination on providing photo video details of the work done

our project process involves micro planning and ensures on time delivery with serious effort in completing the construction with highest quality standards and will be part of your happiness in having a high quality home

Quality is everyone's responsibility and we never have to stop getting better


Robb Walters

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